Our Officers

Katrina S. Brown, Esq.


Alfred Rhodes, Esq.

Executive Director

Our History

In 1992, members of the Magnolia Bar Association recognized a need to create a separate and distinct organization to address the charitable needs in our community. the foundation’s membership includes attorneys and judges, as well as members of the mississippi state legislature. through fundraising efforts, the foundation supports a variety of activities, programs and scholarships focused on improving our local communities.

Our Mission

The Magnolia Bar Foundation’s mission is to operate in our society for the advancement of education, charitable events, and the relief of the underprivileged.The Magnolia Bar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) foundation as described in the internal revenue code. 


The Magnolia Bar Foundation has partnered with the community foundation of Greater Jackson to manage its scholarship funds. this objective is ideally suited for funds to be managed as a permanent endowment. visit our scholarship and awards page for the names and criteria for the magnolia bar foundation scholarships.