Vintage picture of Farish Street

We are The Magnolia 

Bar Association

The Magnolia Bar Association was organized in the fall of 1955 in the law office of the late Attorney Jack H. Young, Sr. in the Redmond Building at 115- ½ North Farish St., Jackson, MS. The founders of the Magnolia Bar Association were Attorneys James A. Burnes, Meridian, MS; Mayor Benjamin T. Green, Mound Bayou, MS; Emette Perkins, Natchez, MS; Onette Johnson, Prentiss, MS; Jack H. Young, Sr., Jackson, MS; Carsie A. Hall, Jackson, MS; and R. Jess Brown, Vicksburg, MS. These eight lawyers constituted practically the entire Black bar of Mississippi.

Become a Member

Membership in the Magnolia Bar Association is one of the greatest investments in your career.The purpose of this Association shall facilitate the administration of justice, promote reform in the law, uphold honor and integrity of the legal profession, provide an agency to articulate the various problems confronting blacks and other minorities in the State of Mississippi, provide a forum for the intellectual growth of its members, and ensure that justice prevails in the State of Mississippi.