Community Award

Harriet Tubman Award

The Harriet Tubman Award is given to a person or entity in Mississippians who has distinguished themselves as trailblazers and stalwarts in the fields of business, civil rights, religion and/or politics and is not an attorney in the State of Mississippi. A recipient from each of the five Districts of the Magnolia Bar Association are chosen. The Awards are given to the recipients at the Mid Winter Gala.

Members Awards

R. Jess Brown Award

The R. Jess Brown Award is the highest award given by the Association for outstanding achievement.

Members Awards 

Alfred H. Rhodes Service Award

The Alfred H. Rhodes Service Award is presented to the member who has done the most work in support of the Association.

Members Awards

Government Service Award

The Government Service Award is presented to a member for special work in  government servicePublic Service Award is given to a member in Public Service who has distinguished him/herself.

Members Awards

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award  is awarded to a member working for legal services and other community service programs.